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Doing business in Poland, feeling at home.
Unicorn Consulting.

The idea of the company came up while cooperating with foreign companies doing business in Poland.

Our staff took part in executing projects both in Poland and abroad. We understand the problems that can be encountered while doing business in a foreign country, and even more important we know how to solve them in Poland.  The idea is to provide our client with comprehensive services so thay can focus on their main core of business.

You know your field of expertise.
We can make you feel at home while doing your business in Poland.

We provide wide scope of services:
- reasearch based on current situation and forecast,
- contact with Polish companies,
- arranging meetings, negotiations,
- translation services,
- arranging business inftastructure (offices, IT, communication, transportation - cost optimalisation),
- assistance with all activities in Poland.

Feel free to contact us if you require more information.

Grzegorz Lukowski

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Unicorn Consulting